How To Create An Information Product: A Few Lessons Learned – Part Two

In case you missed Part One of this two article series, you can check it out here. I’ve been talking about a few things I’ve learned in the process of writing a book and making a DVD; my intent is to pass a little bit of that knowledge on to all of you. I think these lessons can be applied whether you’re trying to do something similar or you’re just trying to excel in business or in life.
Don’t be afraid to pay others to help you
This was actually something I think I could have done better and that I continue to work on. I did have an assistant help me with a few tasks, like transcription and online promotion, and the DVD I obviously had professionally done, but there were a lot of things I ended up doing myself that took me a lot longer than if I had just hired someone to do them.
If your time is worth, for example, fifty dollars an hour, it doesn’t make sense to spend it doing something you could pay someone else to do for ten. I think this is one of the keys to living an ideal life, but is also something many people have a really hard time wrapping their mind around. You can always do something cheaper if you do it yourself, but it also may not be the ‘best’ use of your time. The importance of this concept is that it frees your time for other higher leverage activities – or just for doing things you’d rather be doing.
Shameless self-promotion is okay
I’ve personally spoken with quite a few individuals – in my business in particular – who posess high levels of knowledge and skill in their specific trade, but continue scrape by at 30 or 40k a year. They justify it by saying things like ‘I love what I do’ and that ‘it’s not about the money’ – but seriously people, let’s get real. You want to do what you love, but you also want to make a good living.
Here’s the cold, hard truth: ability or knowledge are many times not the limiting factor in your success. People skills and business skills are. While there are a lot of skills that ultimately contribute to one’s success, the ability to sell yourself, I would argue, is one of the most important ones. Whether you’re trying to sell a service, a product, you’re trying to get ahead in the corporate world, or you just want to be a leader in your field, you can’t be afraid to put yourself out there.
The fear then becomes, for most people, of rejection. A thick skin is a trait you can develop, and one you need on your path to success.
Completeing this project was a great learning experience for me. One thing is for sure – it’s not going to be my last. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned something from this series. You can check out the No Gym? No Excuse! project in its entirety at
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