What is Wildfitness?

The following is a guest post by Philippe Till of www.action-fitness.com. Philippe, besides being a fellow RKC and really interesting guy, is the only Certified Wildfitness Coach in the United States! Enjoy.

Christopher McDougall, a writer for Men’s Health, recently published an article about our understanding of how our muscles work. In his piece, he makes mention, among kettlebells and other revolutionary training method, of Wildfitness.
The concept of Wildfitness, founded by Tara Wood with Lee Saxby as the fitness director of the company, revolves on bringing us back to being “wild” humans as opposed to the “zoo humans” that we currently are. Think about it: we live in close quarters, have basically removed all need for our fight, flight or freeze sense of survival, and live under constant stress, like caged zoo animals. Yet, we are the same humans we were 200,000 years ago.

We’ve been farmers for over 10,000 years, and only since the industrial revolution have we turned into something else…

Our national obesity rate grows, and starts at childhood. The constant stress we deal with causes hormonal imbalances, with excess cortisol produced for “fight or flight”, releasing eventually more blood sugar into our system (so we can flee or fight, but we don’t).

What Wildfitness aims at is to learn to eat, move and even think more the way our lean, fit and strong hunter-gatherer ancestors did. Following natural movement patterns, we re-learn the innate skills we have as infants that we tend to destroy with basic bodybuilding routines. Bodybuilding is about decreasing leverage to break down muscle fibers to promote growth (in an oversimplified nutshell). Wildfitness is about moving freely, improving your leverage and understanding how our hips, shoulder girdle or spine have evolved. It’s about understanding the systems that our comprised within our

body (psychological, social, neurological, physiological) and always staying in-tune with our body rather than doing robotic reps on the biceps-curl machine or logging automated miles on the treadmill while cranking your iPod and watching the game on a plasma screen.
There are ways one can achieve a Wildfitness-like workout, through kettlebells, boxing, Pose Running and a specific set of bodyweight movements, as all these drills follow natural movement patterns.
For more information, you can contact Philippe Til at info@action-fitness.com or visit www.action-fitness.com for phone coaching, training or to organize a Wildfitness Workshop near you. (Philippe is the only US-Based Wildfitness Coach).

Wildfitness organizes fitness vacations in Kenya, Crête, as well as “urban Wildfitness” at Regents Park in London, UK. Site: www.wildfitness.com

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  1. stevebott says:

    I've been training with Wildfitness techniques for over a year now, and it has totally changed the way I view fitness. I feel like my body has responded really well, too! I'm in better shape than I've ever been in, and have more flexibility overall.

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