The Benefits of Interval Training: Excerpt from No Gym No Excuse

We already know that interval training is the superior way to train your cardiovascular system. In an interview I’ve done with Scott Salwasser, MS, CSCS for the new No Gym No Excuse book and DVD, Scott reveals an amazingly effective interval protocol he’s used with his athletes to produce some phenomenal results. Scott has worked at both the NFL and Division 1 Level as a strength and conditioning coach and is currently the Director of Performance at Results Training Center in Sacramento, CA. Here’s a piece of the interview detailing the workout we’re describing here:

… the fact is that I believe you can get incredibly strong aerobic power development through interval training and what I call tempo runs, which are basically 100 meter repeats with a short walk in between for recovery.

Once you get in better shape, rather than walking for recovery you can do some light calisthenics like push ups or sit ups, and then run another 100.

You want to remember to keep it at about 75% (of maximum speed) or slightly below because we are trying to train aerobically – that means we are trying to get the heart rate up but prevent getting it from getting too high. So we’re going to stay at 75% or below.”

Scott goes on to talk about the best way to structure this workout; starting with 8-10 repeats and moving up from there as your endurance increases. So a workout might look like:

1. Run 100m
2. Walk 50m
3. Repeat 7-15 times

You could progress to:

1. Run 100m
2. 10 push ups, 10 sit ups, etc.
3. Repeat 7-15 times

Give this workout a try for yourself … you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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2 Responses to The Benefits of Interval Training: Excerpt from No Gym No Excuse

  1. nikki_p says:

    how far is 100m in miles on the treadmill? 🙂

  2. Forest says:

    If you were to do this workout on a treadmill, it would probably be easier to go for time rather than for distance. I would shoot for about 20 seconds of a very fast run.

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