15 Minute Body Weight and Cardio Beach Workout

Need to get your workout in? No gym? No equipment? No problem!

Check out this quick video clip for a killer workout you can do anywhere with nothing but your own bodyweight!

Here’s the workout one more time:

1. Run 400m (about 1/4 mile)
2. 15 burpees (if you can’t do burpees, you can substitute full or knee push-ups)
3. Run 400m
4. 20 V-ups (you could also do regular sit-ups or crunches)
5. Run 400m
6. 25 Split Squat Jumps (regular lunges if the split squat jumps are too tough for you)
7. Run 400m
8. Rest and repeat

I did the workout myself all the way through right after I shot the video; it’s a tough one! And you should be able to get it done in around 15 minutes.

If you liked this workout, visit www.nogymnoexcuse.com for more like it!

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