Recommended Nutritional Supplements: Best Fish Oils/ Essential Fatty Acids

So hopefully, you’ve taken my advice and considered adding a protein supplement into your daily routine (if you missed part one of the series on protein powders and meal replacements, you can catch it here). Next on the list of recommended nutritional supplements is one (unlike supplemental protein) that, in my opinion, almost everyone should be taking – EFA’s, or essential fatty acids.

What are EFA’s?

EFA’s, or essential fatty acids, are fatty acids that cannot be made within the body from other compounds – and therefore are essential in the human diet. There are two families of EFA’s: omega 3′s and omega 6′s.

What do they do?

EFA’s support the cardiovascular, immune, reproductive, and nervous systems. They are responsible for a multitude of important functions within the body, including regulating body functions, fighting infection, and growth in children.

Why should I care?

Deficiency in EFA’s in the diet, particularly omega 3′s, is linked with a fair amount of serious health conditions, including heart attacks, cancer, depression, accelerated aging, and many more. Most Americans are deficient.

Where can I get them?

Avocado, walnuts, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, soybean oil, olive oil, freshwater and shellfish are some excellent sources of EFA’s. There are also some great supplements out there to make it a little more convenient for you to get your daily dose. I personally prefer going with an EFA supplement in liquid form – all you really need is one tablespoon per day of a supplement like The Total EFA – plus you get a lot more ‘bang for your buck’ than you do with capsules:

HFS The Total EFA With Pure Fish Oil, 8 Fl. Oz., Juicy Orange

HFS The Total EFA With Pure Fish Oil, 8 Fl. Oz., Juicy Orange

Another option would be to go with something like the Labrada EFA Lean Gold, which comes in capsule form – perhaps a bit more expensive as far as actual quantity, but also a little more palatable – and honestly, if you can’t stand the taste of the oil, you’ll probably never take the supplement!

Labrada EFA Lean Gold, 180 Softgels

Labrada EFA Lean Gold, 180 Softgels

Either way, some sort of EFA supplement is something highly recommended to add into your daily routine. Adults need about 1.5 grams of both omega 3′s and omega 6′s in their diet every day. Do yourself a favor and use the above recommendations to incorporate EFA’s into your daily supplement program!

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