The WTF Effect

One thing I think that is very unique to kettlebell training is the ‘WTF’ effect – training with KB’s on a consistent basis has a lot of transfer over to improving other activities.

Case in point: today’s workout. I decided to give the CrossFit WOD from 090521 a go – it looked like this:

750 m Row
20 Handstand Push-Ups (I did a modified version)

2 Rounds for Time


20 115 Pound Thrusters
20 L-Pull-Ups (I did regular pull-ups)

2 Rounds for Time

First off, it was a monster of a workout! But the interesting thing was that I did the CrossFit WOD pretty consistently for about a year until about a month ago. I felt just as good doing this workout – if not better – as I did when I was CrossFitting regularly, even though I’ve been training almost exclusively with kettlebells for the last month.

So I think this would likely translate into other activities – running, cycling, weightlifting, etc. Good to know, and a pretty cool ‘side effect’ of kettlebell training!

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