The Cumulative Fatigue Effect

Hit up some double kb drills again – workout looked like this:

-Foam roll and stretch tight areas for about 15 minutes

-Jump rope for five minutes

-KB Circut focused on clean and presses:

1. Clean and Press

2. Get up

3. Clean and Press

4. Clean and Front Squat

5. Clean and Press

6. Snatch

7. Clean and Press

8. Swing

9. Clean and Press

Did two rounds of this; first round was eight reps of each drill with a pair of 12k kbs; second round did six reps of each drill with 16k kb’s. Was a hell of a workout! Workout intensity has been great lately!

One thing that has been kind of sucking lately is how tired I’m feeling during the workouts. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I probably average six hours of sleep on most weekdays. This made me start thinking about the so – called ‘cumulative effect’ of fatigue on one’s training: everything that you do in your life has an effect on your recovery abilities. If I’m working really hard – which I do :) – I probably work 50 or 60 hours a week when I actually add everything up – I don’t have a ton of time to recover. And my energy levels for my workout suffer as a result.

I remember there was a time when I was completely dedicated to training. That was all I did – I was getting ready to enter the NFL, and all I did was train about four hours a day, eat, and recover. It was amazing how much progress I was able to make and how good of shape I was able to get myself into in a remarkably short period of time. 99.9% of us don’t have that luxury – I surely don’t these days. The moral of the story is that we have to take into account everything that’s going on in our lives when we design a training program for ourselves – if you work 50 or 60 hours a week, have two kids, etc. – you can’t expect to train two hours a day (even if you could find the time to do so) like a manic and expect to recover and make progress. So keep this in mind when you’re designing your next training program.

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