The 90% Rule

Ever wonder exactly how compliant you have to be with your fitness program to get good results?

It’s pretty simple, really … use the 90% rule and you can’t go wrong!

Let’s say you eat five times per day, seven days a week.  That gives you 35 meals on an average week.  The idea is that you need to adhere to your meal plan 90% of the time – s0 three to four meals out of the thirty five you eat can be off of the meal plan.  This could be in one day or spread out over the week.

Now, if you eat a whole pizza for one meal and a gallon of Hagen-Dass for another, you might be going a little overboard :)   But if you stay reasonable, go ahead and have whatever you want for those meals – you need it and deserve it!  It keeps you sane and gives you something to look forward to.

Let’s apply this same rule to your workouts.  Let’s say you’re working out five times a week total including cardio and lifting.  That makes about 20 workouts over the course of the month.  According to the 90% rule, we can miss two workouts a month and be fine!  The key is to stay on track for the rest of the month.

So don’t get me wrong here – I want you to be as structured and consistent with your workouts and diet as possible.  However, I also realize we all have lives outside of working out and stuff comes up!  The point is not to stress out when you miss a workout or go off the diet a little – the key is getting right back on track where you left off.  Also, if you go much past 90%, the results you’re going to get are going to start going down drastically.

The other key is having a plan in place for your workouts and eating.  If you have crappy advice in the first place, you’re probably going to get pretty crappy results!  There is plenty of info right here on The Fitness Monster to design a solid workout and eating plan for yourself – or you can contact me directly and I’ll design a workout and diet plan just for you!

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