Kettlebell Basics

So I’m pretty excited about having recently purchased a few new pairs of kettlebells for my Boot Camp. They are a great training tool and incredibly versatile. You can essentially do any exercise you would do with a dumbell with a kettlebell, plus their shape (they essentially look like a cannon ball with a handle) makes for a little different experience (a 35 pound kb feels a lot heavier when you have it over your head than a 35 pound dumbell!)

While there are almost an endless variety of kettlebell drills you can do , I have posted a video below from YouTube of some basic kettlebell drills – visit for a wealth of information on kettlebells, products, workshops, and lots more.

Although I’m by no means an expert in kettlebells – I’m currently trying to learn as much as I can about them – here is my quick explanation of a few of the basic drills that are being performed:


Kettlebell starts aproximately even with the heels, chest is up, back is flat. Snap the kettlebell up to about shoulder height using the hips – hips and knees crisply lock out to efficiently transfer force to the upper body. Keep the abs tight. Can be done two-handed, one-handed, or alternating hands.


Same starting point as the swing, now kb is snapped up to shoulder height and racked; the arc is much smaller than the swing. Feels a little bit like an upper cut. KB should end up racked tightly in the crook of the arm. Can be done with one or two KB’s at once.

Squat Variations

Bottoms up, bottoms down, one-handed or two-handed front squat. Same checkpoints as always when doing our squats; could write multiple posts just on about how to squat properly. Look here for a great article on how to squat.


Two-handed (one KB), one-arm, and both arms at once with two KB’s. Begin with KB racked on the shoulder and press overhead, finishing with the arm directly next to the ear and the shoulder shrugged up towards the sky to stabilize the shoulder.

There you have it! Some basic kettlebell drills. We’ll doing a fair amount of kettlebell drills in the boot camp this weekend – please visit for more on the boot camp.

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