The Little Things Mean A Lot: Easy Ways to Save Calories

I was on the verge of slapping an extra piece of cheese to my turkey sandwich at lunch time, and I started pondering something …

When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, the little things you do throughout the day make a huge difference!

Here’s an example: Let’s say my goal is to lose one pound of body fat per week. I need to get myself into a 35oo calorie per week deficit, which averages out to 500 calories per day. So what approach am I going to take to get to that 500 calorie deficit? It could be a lot easier then you think.

Here’s a few small changes that, over the course of a day, add up to a 395 calorie savings:

  • Sub 1% milk for half and half in morning coffee. Savings: 65 calories.
  • Sub mustard for mayo on turkey sandwich at lunch. Savings: 120 calories
  • Sub low-fat dressing for ranch on dinner salad. Savings: 210 calories.

Fairly painless … even more astonishing: 395 less calories a day over the course of a year would add up to 41 pounds of weight loss!

Today is the best day to start paying closer attention to the food choices you’re making on a daily basis. I challenge you to take action! If you need help, Subscribe to my newsletter for more tips like these, pick up a copy of my new book and DVD, or contact me for info about group or personal training. And have a great and productive day!

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