Best Fast Weight Loss Tips!

So I’m going to make a pretty bold statement:  It’s impossible to lose more than two pounds of body fat per week.  Well, at least for 95% of you.

“But what about on The Biggest Loser??  They lose 15 pounds the first week on the show!”  Most of that weight loss isn’t coming from body fat.  Here’s a stat I found on Getting to racing weight for triathletes – Tri247:

“In a generalized trend, during the first week of a calorie controlled diet around 70% of the weight loss is water. In weeks 2-3 it becomes 70% fat loss, 20% water and 10% protein and finally in week 4 it can be 85% fat loss with around 15% from protein (McArdle, Katch and Katch 2001).”

Moral of the story: one to two pounds per week is a realistic, safe, and sustainable amount of fat to lose per week.  One pound per week equals 50 pounds per year!

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