The 30 Day Fitness Challenge

The challenge in a nutshell: take the next 30 days and dedicate yourself to making spectacular progress.  Here are the top three factors for you to focus on that will help you reach your goal in the next 30 days.  If you neglect these factors, they could also end up being the things that hold you back – so pay close attention!!

Factor #1: Having A Plan

If you’re like most people, you just go to the gym and ‘work out’.  You really have no plan for what you’re going to do when you get there.  You might get on the treadmill for 15 minutes, do a few machines, maybe some free weights, do some abs, and then call it a day.  Does that really seem like the most productive way to work out?  Of course not!  Having a plan – whether it’s from this website or it’s custom designed for you and your goals – when you walk in the door is the first thing that you must have if you want to make significant progress towards your fitness goals.

If you have a plan already – great!  If not, check out one of these programs for some guidance:

The Easiest, Fastest Fat Loss Meal Plan Ever

My short and to-the-point guide that tells you exactly what to eat to lose fat fast.  No theory, just a done-for-you meal plan. Also includes a fat loss workout manual.

The Ultimate Fitness Resource Toolkit

The ‘full package’ – workouts for a range of different goals, motivational video to get you into the ‘rapid fat loss mindset’, workout and diet trackers – also includes the diet plan listed above.

Factor #2: Consistency

The next big factor that plays into your results is consistency.  Maybe you get really fired up and work out four or five times a week for a week or two.  You’re going to make it work this time and make some progress towards those goals!  Then life happens, your enthusiasm start to wane, and you only work out twice the next week and three times the week after that.  So we’re taking two steps forward and two steps back – and really not making any progress.  The key is consistency over the long term – integrating fitness into your daily routine.  One big problem is that most people really don’t like working out!  If you don’t like the form of exercise that you choose, you’re going to have a hard time doing it consistently and doing it intensely.  So the key is finding something that you genuinely enjoy and you’ll have a lot easier time doing it on a consistent basis.

If one of the problems you’re having staying consistent is your ability to make it to the gym, you’ll want to check out my complete guide to getting a great workout with or without the gym, anywhere you are in 30 minutes or less:

No Gym? No Excuse!

This workout system includes a workout manual, video, workout flashcards, and a bunch of other cool bonuses to help you get a great workout anywhere you are!!

Factor #3: Intensity

The last thing that plays a huge factor in getting the results you want is intensity.  Although you may feel better about yourself because you made it to the gym, sitting on the recumbent bike for 40 minutes reading a magazine and then doing five minutes of abs isn’t really getting you anywhere.  Be honest with yourself;  if you want to make significant progress, you have to work hard!  The vast majority of people can’t push themselves as hard by themselves as they can working out with someone else.  So whether you hire a personal trainer or find someone who is just on the same page as you to work out with, you’ll thank me for it!

If flat-out intensity is what you’re looking for, you’ll want to check out my guide to kettlebell training.  This guide has got a basic workout manual, workout mp3′s, and more. Kettlebells are one of the best tools to get a very intense workout with in a very short amount of time.  Check it out here:

Pretty simple stuff, huh?  If you have a plan, you work out on a consistent basis, and you do it relatively intensely, I promise you’ll make some great progress in the next month.  And so for the 30 day Fitness Challenge: for the next month, do all of these things.  Plan your workouts. Be consistent with them.  And good luck!!

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