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The 30 Day Fitness Challenge

The challenge in a nutshell: take the next 30 days and dedicate yourself to making spectacular progress.  Here are the top three factors for you to focus on that will help you reach your goal in the next 30 days. … Continue reading

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The Man Maker

A brutally simple, short and painful workout. From Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel. Devised by Green Beret vet Bill Cullen, RKC Alternate high-rep kettlebell swings with a few hundred yards of jogging or a minute or two of jump rope … Continue reading

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A Calorie is a Calorie is a Calorie …

The weight loss mantra we’ve heard for years. Eat less then you burn and you’ll lose weight. Is it really that simple? I stumbled across an amazing post by Tim Ferriss that might make you think twice about the old … Continue reading

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The Little Things Mean A Lot: Easy Ways to Save Calories

I was on the verge of slapping an extra piece of cheese to my turkey sandwich at lunch time, and I started pondering something … When it comes to reaching your fitness goals, the little things you do throughout the … Continue reading

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Kettlebell Basics

So I’m pretty excited about having recently purchased a few new pairs of kettlebells for my Boot Camp. They are a great training tool and incredibly versatile. You can essentially do any exercise you would do with a dumbell with … Continue reading

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Protein Brownies, Benefits of Green Tea, and More!

Here’s a mix of some great articles I’ve read lately around the web about everything and anything health and fitness related – including a recipe for some tasty protein brownies! Prison Workout – Mark’s Daily Apple What if you were … Continue reading

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Workout Update

Update on how my own personal workouts are going so far this week: -After a month or so of mostly bodyweight work, beginning to incorporate some heavier stuff into my workouts.  Monday was five sets of five on both bench … Continue reading

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Top Reasons to Go Organic

Good post from that makes a strong case for eating organic food … it’ll give you the highlights, but please head over and read the full article yourself … Just a few of the top reasons from the article … Continue reading

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Best Fast Weight Loss Tips!

So I’m going to make a pretty bold statement:  It’s impossible to lose more than two pounds of body fat per week.  Well, at least for 95% of you. “But what about on The Biggest Loser??  They lose 15 pounds … Continue reading

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