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So what i will be doing for at least the next few weeks is keeping all of you updated on my own personal workouts a couple of times per week in addition to my regular blog posts.  I try to keep my workouts fresh and experiment with new things I’ve learned before I use them with my clients.  To give you a quick idea of  my fitness goals, at the moment I’m trying to lose about five pounds of body fat, keep the muscle mass that I have, maintain my current strength levels, and improve my cardio endurance a little – I have a little sprint triathlon I’m getting ready for in April.

Today’s workout short and sweet!  Started off with about 15 minutes on the bike along followed by a quick circuit of  body weight exercises for a warm-up.  Followed with a full-body routine, all super sets, very little rest, and was able to hit every major muscle group in about 35 minutes.  A program/training style that I’ve recently gotten a lot out of is Turbulence Training.  It uses a lot of body weight exercises, combines them with some free weight work, relies heavily on intervals for cardio – the workout philosophy is right up my alley!  I know you’ve all heard of the ’300′ workout … here’s one along the same lines using body weight only … gives you a little better idea of what TT is all about:

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