Self Myofacial Release

Ever see those round white rolls laying around the gym and wonder what the heck they’re for?  Well, their main use is for what’s called ‘self-myofascial release.’  It’s basically a technique used to get out adhesions that can form in muscle and fascia. It can have effects on improving flexibility, posture, recovery time, and more. Personally, I couldn’t live without my foam roll – it’s one of the best pieces of ‘exercise’ equipment I’ve ever purchased for $20!  Below is a video demonstrating some self-myofascial release techniques performed with a foam roll to give you a little better idea:

Now for a word of caution:  foam rolling tends to be pretty painful, especially at first – but the more it hurts, the lower quality of that tissue, and the more you probably need it! Just keep at it and the improvements you make in mobility will be well worth it. It can be performed pre-workout, focusing on especially tight or overactive areas, or post-workout for recovery purposes. I even have one at my house that I use when I’m watching TV! Try the foam roll out at you gym if has one; you’ll likely be able to notice the benefits right away.

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