Killer Intervals

Time for an update of this week’s workouts -

Have been pretty on point this week.  Since I really like to do some kind of exercise every day, my current schedule looks like this:

Mon, Wed, Fri: Lift

Tues, Thurs, Sat: Cardio/Intervals/Met-Con/etc.

This basic structure is one I’ve been using for a while with quite a bit of success.  As I’ve mentioned before, I actually lost about 60 pounds using this same template.

Highlights of the week were:

Wednesday’s Turbulence Training workout.  Did some exercises – like the one-leg squat and stability ball roll-out – that were fairly new to me and were really tough.  I am pretty sore in some areas that don’t normally get sore – like my back and glutes.

Also today’s interval workout, which I actually did on my road bike.  Workout was from CrossFit Endurance – did six all-out two minute efforts followed by one minute rests.  Was a great workout and also a great way to mix things up – it’s so easy to get stuck in a ‘cardio rut’ and really not have a plan, which is so important.

The ‘style’ of workouts that I’m doing at the moment would be very well suited for anyone with a fat loss goal, really.  Every day is a full-body focus – no splitting up body parts – which is good, because you’re using all of your major muscle groups every day you’re lifting weights and burning the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time.  You get in the gym, get after it, and get out.  Obviously, I think working with a trainer who can design a program that’s specific to you and your goals is the best way to go :)   However, I also realize that this isn’t possible for some people.  If this is the case for you,a program like Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training is perfect. Ballantyne is great about outlining a very specific program, telling you exactly how many sets and reps of each exercise you need to do – he even breaks down and explains how to do each exercise, including detailed pictures, etc.  Head over and at least take a look at the program if you’re interested in learning more.  And good luck with your workouts!

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