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Killer Intervals

Time for an update of this week’s workouts – Have been pretty on point this week.  Since I really like to do some kind of exercise every day, my current schedule looks like this: Mon, Wed, Fri: Lift Tues, Thurs, … Continue reading

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Workout Log Time

So what i will be doing for at least the next few weeks is keeping all of you updated on my own personal workouts a couple of times per week in addition to my regular blog posts.  I try to … Continue reading

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Self Myofacial Release

Ever see those round white rolls laying around the gym and wonder what the heck they’re for?  Well, their main use is for what’s called ‘self-myofascial release.’  It’s basically a technique used to get out adhesions that can form in … Continue reading

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Wanted to take a second to announce the launch of my new website! Make sure to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates my one-on-one and group training business, current specials, pictures from workouts, health and fitness tips, and … Continue reading

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Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

I’ll go ahead and admit that I’ve been burning the candle at both ends as of lately.  I’ve been trying to eat well, keep consistent with my workouts, which I have for the most part … but I also haven’t … Continue reading

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Ready to Launch

Hey guys – if you’re wondering where I’ve been lately and why I haven’t been posting as frequently, I’ve had just about the busiest month of my entire life – but the good news is that I’m getting ready to … Continue reading

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