The Power of Taking Action

What is one quality that successful people from many different walks of life seem to share?  Whether you goal is to lose weight, start your own business, write a book … you have to take action!  To quote Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich:

“Conditions are never perfect. ‘Someday’ is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. If it’s important to you and you want to do it ‘eventually’, just do it and correct course along the way.”

How true. Everything is really never going to line up perfectly for you to do what you want to do. Don’t be foolish of course and give everything up or take a huge risk unnecessarily; I’m just saying that for example, if you’ve been thinking about getting back on that exercise program but the time never seems to be right, it’s really never going to be! You just gotta make the time and do it!

This goes for so many things in our lives.  Can you think of some important things you’d like to take action on in your life?

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