The Importance of Logging Your Workouts

I know a lot of you don’t buy into making (or keeping) New Year’s resolutions, but I do!  I think it’s a great time to start anew, turn over a new leaf, and maybe even build a few new good habits.  One of my resolutions is to get back to something I did for years and have recently gotten away from: keeping a written log of my own personal workouts. There are so many reasons why I think this is important, but here are just a few:

1.) It gives you a record of how you feel and perform during each workout. These two things, although one might argue otherwise, are very difficult to remember on an ongoing basis. Who can remember exactly how much weight they used on the chest press machine during last week’s chest workout? How about your energy levels during last weekend’s run? The likely answer is that you probably can’t – but knowing these things and being able to adjust your routine accordingly is extremely important in progressing towards your fitness goals.

2.) You can see the progress you’re making (or the lack thereof). It’s gratifying to see the amount of weight  on a given exercise or the amount of pull-ups you can do go up, or to see your best time on a 5k go down by 30 seconds.

3.) It holds you accountable. If I’m having to write down my workout, I’m probably less likely to miss it or put in a sub-par effort.

To add an extra degree of accountability to my own workouts, to give all of you a little more insight into my daily routine, and hopefully provide some new ideas for your workouts, I’ve started a new blog about my own fitness program – check it out at Please head over and take a look – and feel free to leave some feedback!

If anyone thinks this a good idea, head over to and start one yourself! You actually get a dollar per 100+ word post to start off! So the way I look at it, you’re getting paid $30 a month to log your workouts (if you post every day) and do something you should be doing anyway! Go sign up now!

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