Feeling Dizzy or Lightheaded During Your Workout?

We’re shaking off the holiday stupor and making our new year’s resolutions -and one that’s on the top of many people’s list is weight loss! In the new year I always get an influx of new clients, and one thing that’s been happening lately is people are feeling sick, lightheaded, dizzy, etc. during and/or after a tough workout. This has happened enough times to make me wonder about the physiological reasons behind it.

I found a great article here outlining the common causes of a dizzy spell or lightheaded feelings during a workout. Here are the highlights:

1.) You haven’t eaten for a while. If you exercise with no fuel in the tank, you’re running low on muscle glycogen which is your body’s primary fuel source. Make sure to eat something before heading to the gym next time.

2.) You’re dehydrated. 75% of adults suffer from chronic mild dehydration – try drinking 16 oz. of water about an hour before your workout.

3.) Blood pooling. After an intense leg exercise, for example, blood rushes to your legs to fuel your muscles. Make sure not to go from exercising intensely to total rest (like sitting down during a workout).

4.) Jumping into an intense program too quickly. This is probably really the most common cause – make sure to gradually ramp up the intensity if you’re getting back into an exercise program after a layoff.

Now you know why you were feeling sick and dizzy after that last though workout. But don’t let it discourage you – just take these tips and keep up the good work!

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