The Swing

Here’s a move that seems to be gaining some popularity – I see people doing it in the gym more and more, and I think it’s a great exercise, but I also see most people doing it incorrectly. First off, here’s a video showing you what a proper swing (along with some other great drills) should look like:

The video gives some pretty good instruction and tips, but just to reiterate/add to:

-Start with the ‘bell between your feet, about even with your heels. You could use a dumbell or weight plate for this exercise if a kettlebell isn’t available.

-’Snap’ the hips and bring them thru, using your legs and hips to drive the weight up. Although it might feel counter-intuitive, lock out the legs – this allows your to more effectively transfer the force from the lower body to the upper body.

-You can bring the weight up to about eye level, or you can bring it all the way overhead for a full range of motion as shown in the video.

That’s the swing in a nutshell. Start incorporating this one into your workouts!

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