The Power of Positive Thought

“A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

“For a man thinks in his heart, so he is …”
Proverbs 23:7

This concept relates to our personal fitness goals as much as it relates to every other aspect of our lives. What we think about, we become. What an exciting concept! You can be whatever you want to be.

What an incredibly powerful influence our thoughts have on our lives. Whatever you want – to become more fit, find your soul mate, to have plenty of money – you can have. And it all begins with believing you can!

This is an incredibly difficult concept to accept for many, because along with the realization that you can be what you want to be and have what you want to have, you also must accept that you are responsible for the current reality you have created for yourself. But you do have the power to choose what you decide to do with your life – right now!
Stop waiting to start your new fitness regime, to start your own business, to do whatever you want with your life – it all begins with knowing and believing that you CAN!!

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