The Iron Gym

It’s pretty rare that you find a piece of home exercise equipment that’s actually functional, let alone well-built and useful. That being said, I just got an Iron Gym, and I love it! It’s basically a door pull-up bar that uses leverage to stay put in the doorway. If you think about it, you can really work almost all of your major muscle groups at home with your own body weight and no equipment … you can do push-ups and variations of them for chest, shoulders and triceps, squats and lunges for legs, a myriad of crunch variations for the abs – but what can you do for your back and biceps?

The Iron Gym is a simple piece of equipment that enables you to get a killer back and bicep workout at home. It wedges into your door frame in about two seconds, and has grips for wide, narrow, and neutral grip pull-ups. You can also put it on the ground for elevated push-ups and wedge it in the bottom of the door for sit-ups.

Another great thing that separates the Iron Gym from your typical piece of home exercise equipment is that it seems to be solidly built. Something you definitely want from a pull-up bar you’ll be suspending your weight from!

Click the link below to order one!
Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar

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