Function – Part 2

So now that we have defined what function is, let’s look at some examples of some functional exercises.

Here’s a list of exercises showing a ‘good’ exercise – more ‘functional’ – and a ‘bad’ one – less ‘functional’. Both exercises are targeting similar muscle groups.


Functional: Bodyweight Squat

Less Functional: Leg Press

Functional: Lunge

Less Functional: Leg Extension

Functional: Romanian Deadlift

Less Functional: Lying Leg Curl

Upper Body Push

Functional: Standing Overhead Press (Barbell or Dumbell)

Less Functional: Shoulder Press Machine

Functional: Push-Up

Less Functional: Machine Fly

Upper Body Pull

Functional: Body Weight Row

Less Functional: Seated Machine Row

Functional: Pull-Up

Less Functional: Lat Pull Down

(By the way, is a great place to look if you need a explanation via picture or video of any of the exercises listed above – link can be found below)

This is by no means an exhaustive list – but hopefully enough to give an idea. So remember, we want an exercise where we have the ability to move a heavy weight – in this case heavy is relative (whatever a heavy weight is for you) – the ability to move it over a (relatively) long distance, and we want the ability to do it quickly. So this automatically rules out a lot of exercises – for example, those done on a selectorized weight machine. Not to say they’re bad by nature or don’t have a place in an exercise routine – they’re just not ‘functional’.

So now for a sample workout:

This workout contains two ‘groups’ of exercises – each is to be completed circuit-style, for three sets of each exercise total.

First Group:

Barbell Back Squat – 12 Reps

Push-Up – 15 Reps

Body Weight Row – 10 Reps

Repeat this group of exercises 3 times, circuit-style, with as little rest as possible.

Second Group:

Lunge – 12 Reps each leg

Dumbell Front Squat to Overhead Press – 15 Reps

Pull-Up – 10 Reps

Done in same style as first group.

Enjoy your workout!

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  1. Forest says:

    Great workout recommendation. Nice website as well-informative and straightforward.

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