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Cardio Insanity

This was one of the hardest ‘cardio’ workouts I’ve done in a long time.  Actually, I don’t recommend trying it 🙂  But if you need a new challenge or are just plain crazy, here it is: Row 500m Run 400m 5 Rounds … Continue reading

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Is Unstable Training for You?

Seen a trainer at your gym using a bosu ball lately?  How about a dyna disc or airex pad?  The amount of different objects and/or contraptions that your local gym has available for you to balance on while you exercise might be growing … but is there a reason everyone … Continue reading

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Function – Part 2

So now that we have defined what function is, let’s look at some examples of some functional exercises. Here’s a list of exercises showing a ‘good’ exercise – more ‘functional’ – and a ‘bad’ one – less ‘functional’. Both exercises … Continue reading

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