MEN ONLY – Sunshine on Balls = 200% Testosterone Increase


*This post is for MEN ONLY*

Sunshine on Balls = 200% Testosterone Increase?

Yep – you read that right!

That’s one of the 7 weird tips proven to boost your testosterone.:

=> Sunshine on Balls = 200% Testosterone Increase

Let me explain …

A study at Boston State Hospital showed that people exposed to UV light on their chest and back saw in increase of 120% to testosterone.

Not bad, right?

But when the genitals were exposed to the same light … testosterone production increased 200%!

This is because Vitamin D is not really a vitamin, but a hormone precursor. So it makes sense.

As the testicles are where 95% of testosterone is produced, if you can localize your skin’s formation of D, then you can see a direct increase.

Of course, sunbathing naked isn’t something everyone can do.

The good news is that getting sun elsewhere, or even just supplementing with vitamin D3, can still do a whole lot.

And you have 6 more weird but proven tricks to increasing testosterone right here:

=> Sunshine on Balls = 200% Testosterone Increase

Luckily, all of these are much easier to do :)

That’s it for now – have a great day, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

PS - Tip #6 is awesome because it literally only takes a second to do – you gotta see what it is here:

=> 7 Tips to Boost Your Testosterone Levels (free report)

And #2 is pretty awesome too …

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Overhead Press Mistake to AVOID (and how to fix it)

I’ve noticed that when many people overhead press, they grab the bar with too wide of a grip.

Instead of being just outside shoulder width – where they should be – they get their hands much wider than that …

And although the bar doesn’t have to travel as far with a wider grip, the problems with this are:

1 – It takes away from what we call our “piliar of power” starting at the feet and going all the way through the legs, glutes, midsection and upper body

2 – It makes it impossible to tuck our elbows during the move and use the lats – which makes us weaker

So all you need to do is grab the bar right outside of shoulder width, tuck the elbows tight to the rib cage as you press, and keep your elbows right underneath during
the exercise.

Watch this video for a demo:

I hope this simple tip improves your overhead press!

** For more info on the Complete FVT Hybrid Barbell Training system – which incorporates the basic barbell lifts (overhead press, bench press, deadlift and back
squat) with kettlebell and body weight moves, so that you can build strength AND lose fat at the SAME TIME – click HERE **

Thanks, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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10 Banned Chemicals Still in the U.S. Food Supply (and 6 ways to AVOID them for good)

Got a guest article for you today from my friend Sayan Sarkar.

This is an EYE OPENING article to say the least. You’ll likely never look at food, much of it that you probably eat every day, the same way again!

- Forest


There are several chemicals that companies use in processed foods to “improve” their flavor and texture.

This is all despite being nearly BANNED by the United Nations, the European Union and numerous other countries around the world.

Basically, there are tons of studies suggesting serious health problems from these chemicals…

But the United States has not taken steps to remove them chemicals from our food supply, even while most other developed countries have done so for years!

Here’s a list of highly questionable chemicals currently allowed in American foods that you should stay away from for a healthy, fit body and mind:

1. Azodicarbonamide.

This is a “dough conditioner” that creates even air pockets within dough, giving industrial-processed foods a light, fluffy, fresh-baked texture.

Unfortunately, it is also used to create foamed plastics, causes asthma and allergic reactions, is a well-known carcinogen and is illegal in the U.K., across Europe and in Australia.

2. BHA and BHT.

These are two chemicals often used in potato chips, breakfast cereals and sausages. The trouble is, studies from the U.S. National Toxicology Program show they are carcinogenic and raise a person’s risk of getting cancer if they are ingested. BHA and BHT are banned in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and all across Europe.

3. Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH).

These are lab-made hormones administered to cows in the United States that makes them produce more milk. Unfortunately, it also makes them more susceptible to disease, causing farmers to subsequently pump the cows full of antibiotics. Those antibiotics find their way into our bodies through milk, and can lead to antibiotic-resistant bacteria and other health problems.

4. Blue Dye #1.

Also called Brilliant Blue, this chemical has been linked in scientific studies with allergies, learning disabilities, aggressiveness and irritability in children. It is used to “improve” the look of foods like ice cream, peas, icings and certain liqueurs, but is banned in most of Europe.

5. Yellow Dye #5.

Found in cheese-flavored crackers, chips, pudding, etc…this dye is also known as tartrazine and deteriorates a person’s DNA – making it dangerous not only to a human being, but to their potential future children, as well.

This is why you MUST eat clean, use natural herbs, and take other measures that remove chemicals and toxins from your body.

6. Yellow Dye #6.

This other yellow dye is found in breakfast cereals, Eggo waffles, American cheese and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese boxed dinners. They were banned in Northern Europe after being linked to adrenal and kidney tumors in rats.

7. Astaxanthin.

Found primarily in farm-raised salmon, whose diets give them an unappetizing gray color of flesh (instead of the healthy pink found in wild salmon), astaxanthin is a petrochemical (meaning it’s derived from oil) that’s used to turn farmed salmon meat pink. Astaxanthin has not been approved for human consumption, and is banned in Australia and New Zealand.

8. Brominated Vegetable Oil.

Usually found in Gatorade, Squirt, Sprite and other citrus-flavored soft drinks and energy drinks, brominated vegetable oil (BVO) was originally a flame-retardant chemical. In large doses, it’s been shown to cause reproductive and behavioral harm to animals, and is banned in most of Europe.

9. Arsenic.

This infamous poison is regularly fed to poultry in the United States to make them grow more quickly, and make the meat appear more pink and fresh.

The reasoning the FDA uses to keep it legal in the United States is that organic arsenic is less dangerous than inorganic arsenic, so only organic arsenic is allowed to be used. The European Union says, “Arsenic is arsenic, and it doesn’t belong in food.”

10. Potassium Bromate.

This is another additive to breads, like azodicarbonamide, but its point is to make bread “enriched” with potassium – a vital nutrient. The problem is, potassium bromate has been linked to kidney damage, nervous system damage, thyroid problems and cancer. It is banned in Canada, China and the European Union but is still used as an “enrichment” here in the States.


6 Simple Steps To AVOID Fat-Storing Chemicals

The Curcumin extract in InvigorateNOW is a proven way to fight back against chemicals and toxins causing inflammation and damaging your liver

#1: Get back to a natural, paleo-style diet. Cut out all processed & packaged foods, and stick to pure, unadulterated foods like meats, veggies, fruit, etc. (a.k.a. the stuff you’ll find on the perimeter of grocery stores, rather than inside the aisles).

#2: Choose organic foods whenever possible. If you’re on a budget, only buy organic fruits & veggies that have the highest levels of pesticides/chemicals. You can check the “Dirty Dozen” by EWG online for this, or just remember this: if the skin is exposed, buy organic. If not, buy the regular stuff.

#3: Eat naturally raised meats/fish. This includes grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken/turkey/fowl, and wild-caught fish.

#4: Opt for organic dairy (and grass-fed if possible…and raw milk, which is not as harmful as we’ve been told)

#5: Eat fresh or frozen foods instead of canned foods. Stop using plastics (instead use Pyrex glass), and use BPA-free water bottles

#6: Use natural, science-backed herbs — especially ones that are proven to flush out chemicals from the liver, reduce chronic inflammation and control blood sugar spikes.

(These are the “3 hidden triggers” that keep most Americans fat.)

You can find out more below about how to reduce the 3 hidden fat triggers with this simple new InvigorateNOW “skinny switch” formula.

It has 18 proven herbs & vitamins that WILL:

(a) CONTROL insulin resistance & blood sugar problems

(b) STOP chronic inflammation

(c) FIGHT back against chemicals and toxins entering your body

Click any of the links above to check it out now, along with the 6-component Extreme Fat Loss Formula plan that comes with every order…yours FREE.

Best part? You can type in Forest’s special discount code on the checkout page (ForestVIP15) to save an extra 15% on your order!


Sayan Sarkar Bio

Sayan is a “former fat guy turned fit pro” who has successfully lost 76 pounds & eliminated his chronic lower back and shoulder pain. After fluctuating between overweight and obese his whole life, he spent 8 and half years trying but failing to lose weight.

He soon stumbled upon a set of 3 fat “triggers” which he realized were keeping him fat and sick all through the years. Once he figured how to overcome them…well the rest is history!

Now, Sayan is founder of Invigorate Now, Inc., a health & wellness company dedicated to helping tens of thousands of men & women shed the fat clothes and discover the body they’ve always wanted. He’s written for the Huffington Post, Alternative Medicine and other media. Plus, he is the inspiration behind the all-natural InvigorateNOW weight loss supplement and is author of the short, but to-the-point 14 Day Rapid Results Plan.

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Joint Mobility – My Morning Routine

I used to wake up most mornings feeling like I got hit by a truck.

Over a decade of football – including a couple of years at the pro level – combined with almost 20 years of lifting heavy weights have taken a toll on my body. So I would get out of bed, and my lower back would hurt, my shoulder would be bothering me … and maybe 30 mins into the day I would start getting kind of “warmed up” and feeling a little better … but I knew it was not a great sign. I’m only in my mid-thirties for gosh sakes! ;)

Then, a couple of years ago, while assisting at a Russian Kettlebell Challenge Certification, we went through a joint mobility / dynamic stretch – type of routine - not unlike the Bodyweight Flow sequences we have been talking about for the last few days.

I felt GREAT afterwards … and I was kind of getting into doing a morning routine – including positive reading, journaling, etc – at the time … so I decided to start doing one of these light exercise sequences first thing every day.

I can honestly say that this simple thing has made more impact in my health and overall well-being that anything else I have done in my training for the last two years. I feel better, more mobile, more supple, and have FAR less overall body pain. It is really remarkable … and I highly recommend you do something like this yourself!

So check it out, I got a couple of free resources for you to check out if this sounds interesting to you:

1 - Here’s a video of me taking folks at the most recent KB Workshop we did at MY gym through a joint mobility sequence … watch it, follow along, and start doing it daily if you can:

2 - When you order a copy of my friend Tyler’s Bodyweight Flow program before tomorrow (Monday, March 23rd, 2015) night at midnight, I’m going to send you a FREE copy of my “Flexibility and Mobility Cheat Sheets”:

Here you’ll get the “cheat sheets” from the last flexibility and mobility workshop we held at FVT. You’ll learn about self-myofascial release, joint mobility, static stretching, contrast relax stretching, and much more. I’ve also included handy links for more info, exercise descriptions, videos and more on most of the topics.

This is the exact outline of what we did at our $57 workshop. The next best thing to actually having been there!

Just purchase Bodyweight Flow by clicking HERE (very important that you click this link and order on my referral to get the bonus!), forward your receipt to my assistant at fvtrain (at) gmail (dot) com, and we’ll hook you up with your free copy of the bonus.

To sum up, if you want to improve the way move, reduce pain and more, I recommend you start incorporating some kind of joint mobility routine into your training program right away. The video linked up in today’s article is a great start … and if you’re looking for a complete mobility / flexibility / “free movement” training course, check out Bodyweight Flow HERE.

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

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[LWF2] 3 10-Minute BW/KB/BB Workouts to Try

bw kb bb

Today we’re back with not one, not two, but THREE sample “super short” workouts from Lift Weights Faster 2.

Little somethin’ for everyone today … first one is bodyweight only, second workout you’ll use a kettlebell, and in the third you’ll do a handful of barbell moves.

Before we get to the workouts … Lift Weights Faster 2 has some HUGE value as a workout library / resource. Trainers, fitness pros, workout junkies – this is one you’ll def want to check out. It includes:

– 180 “pick-and-choose” Lift Weights Faster workouts
– A full exercise glossary that includes written descriptions and photographic demonstrations of more than 260 exercises (from classic moves to more unusual ones)
– Access to a limited video library that includes coaching on 25 of the more technical lifts
– Five challenge-workout videos

Learn more about Lift Weights Faster 2 at the link below:

=> Lift Weights Faster 2

Okay – on to the workouts!


1 – The Expedition (bodyweight only)

Do as many rounds as pretty (AMRAP) of this circuit in 5 to 10 minutes. Take breaks as needed (but try to take them at the bottom of the round).

Step-Up 10 Total
Lateral Lunge 10 Total
Triceps Pushup 10
Mountain Climber 10 Each Side
Flutter Kick 10 Each Side

2 – The Iron Troll (bodyweight + kettlebell)

Complete three rounds of this negative-rest circuit, working for 40 seconds and resting for 20 seconds. Take additional rest, if needed, between movements and rounds.

Goblet Clean
Goblet Squat with Pulse
Bear Crawl

3 – The ManBearPig (barbell + bodyweight)

This circuit is nearly a combo. Complete one repetition of the first three movements without putting the bar down. In other words, you’ll complete one deadlift, then one power snatch, then one overhead squat before hitting the pull-up bar. Perform this circuit as many times as possible in 10 minutes, resting as needed between rounds.

Snatch-Grip Deadlift 1
Hang Power Snatch 1
Overhead Squat 1
Chin-Up/Pull-Up 1


Now these workouts will take you 10-minutes or less to do … but the full Lift Weights Faster 2 program includes 177 more that range from 10 to 30 minutes in length … and that use a wide variety of different types of equipment.

Again, a fantastic value in this program and a great resource to add to your library. More info at the link below:

=> Lift Weights Faster 2

Thanks, have an awesome day, and talk soon!

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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New Research on the “Super-Short” Workout

Last year, the New York Times’ fitness story of the year was that short, intense workouts are incredibly effective for getting leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier
overall. According to the article, in one particularly useful study from May 2014, scientists found that three brief sessions per day of interval-style exercise – consisting of one minute of brisk walking followed by another minute of strolling, repeated six times – allowed people at risk of diabetes to control their blood sugar better than a continuous 30-minute brisk walk.

And just as important, these short, condensed sessions were more POPULAR with the study’s participants than the single, longer walk. They liked finishing quickly.

There were several other studies done in 2014 on short workouts as well … one showed that running as little as five minutes a day might add years to one’s life span!

Since lack of time is the single most common reason given for not following a regular fitness routine … this is good news! You may have heard for a while now that
doing super-short metabolic-resistance-training sessions — in other words, lifting weights faster — can burn more fat, build more muscle, rev your metabolism,
improve your work capacity and performance, and create a healthier hormonal profile than typical aerobic exercise sessions. But now there is more and more research
being done that PROVES it.

You can indeed get a LOT of benefit from a properly designed and goal-oriented 15-20 minute training session. So NO more excuses. Let’s see … there are 10,080
minutes in a week. EVERYONE has 15-20 minutes a few times a week – maybe 45-75 minutes TOTAL – to squeeze in a few workouts. That’s like less than 1% of your time.
And the tiny amount of time you spend on this will pay you back many times over, in SO many different aspects of your life.

Now of course there are many options when it comes to exactly WHAT super-short workouts to do. But one brand new resource you can check out is the new-and-improved
Lift Weights Faster 2. It’s got a full 180 conditioning workouts, based around this exact concept of short, intense, and effective workouts … using everything from
just bodyweight to a full gym for equipment. Learn more about Lift Weights Faster 2 HERE.

That’s it for now. I saw this article and thought it was some really interesting info to pass along your wau. Let’s make it happen this week – schedule your workouts NOW if you haven’t yet, and we’ll get a little closer to our ultimate fitness goals, together!

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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Are You Addicted to HIIT? (take this test)

kb snatch no shirt

During nearly the first decade of my lifting career, we only did it one way – we lifted heavy weights. Plenty of rest between sets, and the goal was simply to get as
strong as possible.

When you are used to doing things a certain way, and then you throw in one of these high-intensity, full-body, mixed-strength-and-conditioning-type sessions, it can
turn your world upside down!! :)

I still remember my first REAL HIIT, “metabolic conditioning” – style workout. I did the workout with a training partner of mine at the time, and we knocked it out in
less than 10 minutes.

I remember, how tough, how different, how AWESOME the workout was … how I was left literally lying on the floor afterwards, feeling a little sick to my stomach,
having what they call “monkey claw” (it’s where your hands kind of curl up into balls, due to a fitigued grip) … but at the same time, thinking – that was amazing!!!

It’s weird, but for us crazy fitness people, it’s actually kind of common. These type of workouts can almost be kind of ADDICTING, in a way … but that can be a
problem. Because you can end up getting away from basic, heavy, effective strength work – and that’s such an important part of your overall training routine.

See, you NEED to include some of this max strength work into your overall routine. You will not have the core, pre-requisite strength to perform your body
weight/kettlebell/etc movements at a high intensity and with great form, if you don’t.

This can be a tough thing for me to get my training clients to understand. Many of them feel like they need to be “smoked” after every single workout. Like a day
where you do basic, compound moves … and don’t feel like you’re going to be sick afterwards … is a waste of time or something. To make continued progress in your
training, you must get this idea out of your head!

So … if you have been doing any kind of High Intensity Interval Training workouts regularly, and are seeing any of the following symptoms:

– loses in strength
– loses in hard earned muscle
– loses in overall physique results (gotten fatter, softer, etc)
– drop in overall performance

It could be a sign that you are “addicted” to HIIT! Click the link below to find out how to SOLVE your issues ASAP:

=> “HIIT addiction” solution

That’s it for now. Hope this story has hit home with you a bit, and has been a good reminder to take a close look at your training program, and how you’re structuring
your workouts not only on a daily basis, but from an overall programming perspective.

Have a great day, train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, RKC II, PCC

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30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet (sample day)

My “30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet” is designed to help you lose belly fat, get WAY more energy, and build the clean eating foundation and habits you need for long-term success.

It’s available now as part of the FVT Ultimate Abs Challenge - so I thought it’d be a good time to share a sample day from the plan with you.

Important to note that the actual PORTIONS are going to vary depending on the individual. This is just intended to give you an idea of how EASY is really is to clean
up your eating and re-gain CONTROL of your weight and overall fitness level:


30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet – sample day


– hemp or other veggie-based protein powder
– frozen carrots
– frozen mangos
– banana
– coconut butter

photo 1


– burrito bowl from Chipolte – with double chicken, fajita veggies, guac, pico de gallo, hot salsa, and lettuce



– almonds
– baby carrots
– apple

carrots and almonds


– beef patty
– pinto beans
– mixed greens

photo 2



There you go. Not as bad as you thought, right? ;)

AND … after eating this way for 30 days … you’re going to be pounds lighter, have WAY more energy, and have built the foundation and habits you need for long-term

Have a great weekend, and talk soon -

- Forest

PS - Discount on my new 30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet (as part of the FVT Ultimate Abs Challenge package) ends Monday night – grab your copy at the link below:

=> FVT Ultimate Abs Challenge – includes the 30 Day Performance Nutrition Diet!

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Full “30 Days to Abs” Program (workouts + meal plan)

For years, the generally accepted way to train your abs was with crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, etc.

A lot of folks (you?) still do some of these movements in their routine in some shape or form.

I’m here to say, the results are in. STOP doing crunches and sit ups, etc – COMPLETELY. You will save your back and get a stronger, more defined midsection as a

The BEST way to train your abs is with total-body, “functional” movements.

Now you likely have heard this advice before … but what exactly does this MEAN? What ARE the best exercises workouts you can use to train your abs? And exactly HOW
do you incorporate this type of training into your routine?

And what about your DIET … if we’re being real, the BIGGEST factor in getting that lean, strong, defined midsection you’re after?

That’s why I’ve created …

=> The FVT 30 Day Ultimate Abs Challenge

This program is designed with one thing in mind – helping you get a leaner, stronger, more defined midsection in 30 days.

Now a quick disclaimer – I am NOT a fitness model, nor do I claim to have twelve-pack abs. I maintain a reasonable level of leanness – between about 10% and 13% body
fat – depending on what I have going on, and what I’m training for – year round.

HOWEVER … I have managed to lose over 70 pounds, and KEEP it off for almost 10 years … so the methods in this program REALLY WORK for normal people.

AND, the methods in this program are not only for SHOW, but also for GO. You’ll have abs that not only LOOK good, but that PERFORM!

The “Ultimate Abs Challenge” package includes:

1 – Total Body Abdominal Annihilation

The BEST kettlebell and bodyweight exercises to give you a strong, lean, and defined set of abs! Just three of these short workouts per week – added on to your
current routine – and you’ll see noticeable changes in just 30 days.

2 – The FVT 30 Day Performance Nutrition Challenge Meal PlanThis is a BRAND NEW and NEVER BEFORE RELEASED program – we put it together originally as part of our 30 Day Performance Nutrition Challenge at our Sacramento, CA gym … folks experienced some AMAZING results with it … and I decided to make it available as part of the “FVT Ultimate Abs Challenge” package.

3 – 30 days of access to my “workout of the month” archives … so you’ll have everything you would possibly need to transform your midsection in 30 days.

More info and get started here:

=> The FVT 30 Day Ultimate Abs Challenge

That’s it for now. Got lots more great ab training – related content coming your way in the next few days … but wanted to get you the heads up on this new abs Challenge, so pumped for it!!

Train hard, and talk soon -

- Forest Vance, MS, RKC II, PCC

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“Ultimate Athlete” Training Secret

Today I have an article for you from my friend Max Shank.

The Progressive Calisthenics Cert I attended recently was actually held at Max’s gym, and I also spent some time and learned from him last year as well when he held and led the RKC II at his facility.

Max is a super knowledgeable dude, and he walks the walk for SURE. You can see a few pics of him doing some CRAZY feats of athleticism on his website at the link below.

Enjoy today’s article!

And check out Max’s website and training program, called “Ultimate Athleticism“, HERE.

- Forest


Building the Ultimate Athlete
by Max Shank, author, Ultimate Athleticism

Athleticism is a well contested idea. Many people have their own opinion of what is important, and even more so how to acquire athleticism.

Some folks would argue that speed makes an athlete.

Others will say strength.

A few will say flexibility.

Many would argue that endurance is the ultimate.

The truth is that you need to acquire all of these traits to become the Ultimate Athlete, but the order in which you acquire these traits may be the most important
piece of the puzzle that most people are missing.

In order to become a highly functioning athletic machine you must first lay a solid foundation of movement quality. This is comprised of your flexibility and
coordination. It MUST be acquired first or you will be laying other traits on top of a faulty system. Think shooting a cannon from a canoe.

The next trait is strength. Once a person is moving optimally it is time to simply load up those movements with weights or by using leverage. This continues to
strengthen connective tissues, making the athlete more resilient.

The next trait is speed. It is generally unsafe to move at high speeds if one has not first laid a solid foundation of movement quality and strength underneath it.
Moving at high speeds is one of the hallmarks of an excellent athlete and, with the prerequisites listed above, can be achieved safely and improved quickly.

The last, but not least important trait is endurance. Endurance is generally the easiest trait to acquire and improve (or lose) in the shortest amount of time. It,
along with speed, are the most damaging if done without a solid foundation of movement and strength.

Let the pyramid be your guide. Focus on laying a solid foundation and building from the bottom up. You will be rewarded with speed and strength that never quit and a
body capable of withstanding any stressors that can be thrown at it.

- Max Shank
Author, Ultimate Athleticism

While others make getting strong and athletic complicated, Max boils it down to a few simple drills and then provides a ton of progressions and regressions for each.
It includes Over 200 pages of exercises, program design, workouts and more. This book is a must have for any strength enthusiast. Learn more at the link below:

=> Ultimate Athleticism

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